We make true 3d Virtual Reality applications

We believe VR is not just a cool, one time thing. We see that there is a lot of possibility for business to achieve growth with VR.

Pixelwater is a VR startup and are looking for pilot projects to work on. We have close ties with great people from the game industry. We want to be the go-to player for business VR applications. Our goal is to build the best VR products, while having fun in the process. As well as for our developers as for our clients.

What we have done so far
For an architect in the Hague we converted a 3D model to view in VR. We believe VR can make a great difference in winning public tenders. In order to view it you need a google cardboard (you can buy one here) and download the app for free in the app store. Let us know what you think!
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The blueprint

3D build

the 3d model

Mobile VR

Converted to a mobile VR app

Our company values

Be as transparent as possible
When in doubt, be transparent.

Autonomy is everything
Everyone has to have the feeling of ownership.

People > Ideas
A great idea is not as valuable as having great people.

Active honesty
Seek to find honest feedback whenever possible.

Positivity rules
A negative remark is always based on something. It could be insecurity, anger or frustration. Everything can be viewed in a positive way, this solves a lot of problems.

There are no mistakes
Mistakes are only bumps in the process to greatness. Learn from them, and go on.

Don’t take yourself too serious
Because in the end, what do we have to lose? Not much. The key is not to be reckless.

What are we looking for?

You, the client

To help us build an awesome VR business from scratch.

We are looking for awesome clients who trust us in making cool stuff for you. We’re learning, but we’re confident that we can deliver the absolute best quality possible.

Come talk with us!

You, the developer

To help us build an awesome VR business from scratch.

We need all hands on deck. We respect your autonomy. We’re all treading new ground here. Your enthousiasm is more important than your skill. We need all the help we can get.